Why this course is important

This course is designed to provide you and your employees with the ability to:

  • Safely and correctly operate farming equipment and machinery

  • To recognise and identify hazards

  • To eliminate or minimise hazards

Our trainer/assessor will also discuss with you with a safety analysis of your immediate farm and working environment which will help you and your workers to identify possible hazards and avoid unsafe situations. 

Upon completion of the course each participant will be provided with Certificate....  either competency or attendance depending on the requirements.

As well as lowering the risk of serious accidents, injuries and/or death these certificates are useful to ensure that you and your employees are:

  • operating in a farming environment safely and efficiently

  • identifying, eliminating and/or minimising potential hazards

  • complying with Worksafe best practice standards

  • using your vehicles correctly and safely

  • providing insurance companies with assurance that vehicles are being used safely by experienced and certified drivers and personnel are working in a safe manner

Course Details:

Theory and Safety Briefing - approx. 1 hour

Practical Session if required - 1-3 hours

Small group practical sessions

Client to supply vehicles and venue. It is usually advantageous to be assessed in your own vehicles and in your own work environment.

Call / contact us to see if this is the right sesssion for you and your staff.

Course Fee:

from $200 per person

Contact us for more information or to book in for your Farm Safety Course today!

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