Class 4 Truck and Heavy Vehicle Licensing Course

Class 4 Heavy Vehicle Licence - Rigid vehicle with Gross Laden Weight more than 18,000kg

Course Fee:

$1045 – has Logbooks / fatigue management unit standard 24089 (evidence required)         OR

$1245 – need Logbooks / fatigue management unit standard 24089

(+ $93.90 if we add learner licence to the package)

(+$60 – endorsement/admin fee (to upload New class 4 to driver licence) this can be added to package price

Course Time (Theory):

Up to 2 days of theory work in the classroom to complete the Unit Standards:

24089 - Demonstrate knowledge of fatigue management, work time, and driver logbook requirements (if not previously achieved in the last 5 years)

17576 - Operate a rigid vehicle to meet the requirements for a full Class 4 driver licence

Class 4 Training & Assessment:

NB: This will be commenced upon the completion of your Class 4 Learner Licence and Theory training. You must carry your Learner licence with you for any and all practical drives / assessments

Class 4 Learner licence can be obtained from AA/VTNZ at a fee of $93.90 - (NO theory test required)

Once Practical Assessment is Complete:

An NZTA Certificate will be issued to you

You must take this certificate to VTNZ or AA, with the completed DL1 application form, to have Class 4 endorsed on your licence. An additional fee (payable to AA/VTNZ) will occur

Check out the PassRite Class 4 Heavy Vehicle Licence information sheet for more details


You are able to upgrade your Class 4 Full Licence to a Class 5 Learner Licence at any licensing agent (with theory test required) after you have held your Class 4 Full Licence for the following length of time:
Under 25 years of age:
You must have held your Class 4 Full Licence for at least 6 months
Over 25 years of age:
You must have held your Class 4 Full Licence for at least 3 months (**or complete a TIMESAVER accelerated course FOR NO WAIT TIMES between classes - call 0800 891 375 to inquire)
Because PassRite Driving Academy Ltd has the necessary NZQA and NZ Transport Agency approvals, completing any of our training programmes means you are able to bypass any waiting period on the Learners Licence and gain your full licence immediately upon successful completion of our training programme.
For the training and assessment the client may provide a suitable truck if preferred
This course includes up to three hours practical training 
This course includes one practical assessment

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