Competency Based Training & Assessment

Full Motorcycle Licence


This training course is designed to teach you to operate and ride a motorcycle safely and legally. 

Teaching you these skills will provide you with the confidence, knowledge and ability to pass your Full Motorcycle Practical Test.

You will be trained to ride a motorcycle safely in different situations such as moving in, driving straight, driving around a curve (urban and rural), driving through an intersection (urban and rural), overtaking and moving out. 

For each of the above situations you will be taught to perform them while also using other safe driving techniques. These driving techniques include: 

  • Observation methods such as looking, scanning/mirrors, and head checks
  • Interaction methods including communication, consideration and courtesy
  • Control methods such as positioning, speed management, progression, stability and smoothness
  • Abiding by the rules such as following distances and other legal practices


The Full Motorcycle Assessment Test is performed by our course instructor.

The assessment runs for approximately 1 hour. 

The instructor will ride behind you while communicating with you via a headset in your helmet. He will instruct you with directions and actions to take. He will observe and assess your driving ability while you complete these tasks.

Course Fees: Prepay Course

Full     $160 inc GST

- Assessment only    $160 (Approx. 1hr including paperwork)

- Additional Training   $160 / hr

CBTA F Package  -  Training & Assessment/Bike*     $260 (Conditions Apply)

Resit  $50

Full Motorcycle Licence

Upon successful completion of the training and assessment you will be issued with a NZTA Motorcycle Competency Certificate for the Class 6 Full Competency-Based Training and Assessment Course. 

You will then be able to take your certificate to AA or VTNZ to have this added to your driver's licence.

Contact us for more information or to book in for your Full CBTA today!

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